22 de abril de 2013

life is funny, things change, people change, but you will always be you, so stay true yo yourself and never sacrifice who you are for anyone 

9 de abril de 2013

Solo porque sea pasado no significa que sea facil de olvidar. 


When the sun shine, we'll shine together. Told you i'll be here forever said. I'll always be your friend. Now that it's raining more than ever know that we'll stil have each other, you can stand under my umbrella. 


You had my heart, and we'll never be worlds apart maybe in magazines, but you'll still be my star

And that's when you need me there with you i'll always share


Soy como soy y como me gusta ser. 


Say, won't you say forever. Stay, if you stay forever. Hey, we can stay forever young 


I don't give a f***. 


3 de abril de 2013

Do you hear me? are you with me? let the melody moves you, feel the beat and just let's go. 




I love the way you make me feel, i love it. 

Y asi.. sus miradas nunca se cruzaron y su historia nunca comenzó. 

The seven things that I HATE about you: 

Your vain. 
Your games. 
You're insecure. 
You love me, you like her. 
You made me laught, you made my cry. I don't know wich side to buy. 
Your friends, they're jerks when you act like them, just know it hurts. 
You make me love you.